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suppose you abolished the ph.d. dissertation which i think would be great idea myself to save a lot of trees but i don't think you have to publish -- most people that publish dissertations never publish another thing again. it's not the mark of being a scholar or being a teacher and not all of us are book writers. i know someone once told me even great writers had their distances. there were 3,000 people, 300,000 work people, marathon runners and sprinters but those are the good writers. most people don't have any of that. so the only way that you can be talented. i think that if we abolished the would be one step. the second would be abolished the peer reviewed articles which i think is the greatest hauer
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should i put it, constraint on originality and liveliness and orthodoxy and i say that as someone that has never published a peer review article and i have tried. [laughter] semidey want to go more into this about the detour? [laughter] >> you understand why though. often five come six, seven, ten people riding in over the cacophony. it's like a puree at the end. even the best of them. so that is my contribution to that part of the argument. >> maybe one more. >> [inaudible]
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[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] academia should be more open to bridging the gap and opening up.
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we should add another hand to people that are not within academia. [applause] most of the teachers were in the concentration camps and older men between 50 to 65 were
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taken into custody and were taken to concentration camps. my father tried to hide and they came after him and people with high in their attic and eddy or two later they came again and said if he doesn't give himself up to have to take you in. >> my father always said that she wanted to stay because he had a thriving store and he was doing just fine and he was taking good care of his family after he didn't have his store anymore and so she found a french lady who was making it her business to take children across the border into france but she did it for money she didn't do it out of the goodness of her heart.
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we are at the national press club. please tell us who is danny cox >> in the late nineties in the first boom he was a mathematical genius and computer scientist at mit and the company that he created as a master's thesis changed the way the internet work. at that time the internet was suffering from a lot of the road blocks and traffic congestion. >> and why don't we know more about him? >> we don't know more about him to the and the story was largely on hold to the he was the very
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first victim of that day and his story went on hold for over a decade until somebody read about that and felt like a was a group that had to be told and it wasn't about the way that he died but that is the way that he lived and the incredible technology that he created. how was he a victim of 9/11? >> he was on a flight and on the morning he boarded the flight for a business meeting in los angeles and the flight was hijacked 45 minutes into the flight. we know from the flight manifest from the commission report that she was unfortunately engaged in a struggle with one of the terrorist to stop them and was stabbed from behind and died before anyone knew of anything that was happening on that terrible day. >> how did you come across him were the subject matter? >> as a journalist i'm always looking out for good stories and
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a friend of a friend that told me a little bit about him ten years after september 11th so that heat was on my mind i was in new york and covered the tragedy that year but never thought i would come onto a story that i would be so interested in telling and the more i read about him it was like bits and pieces of his life were out there but as a whole the story was so incredible to me that i wondered why anybody had ever written a book of about it and it was out of grief and privacy the family and friends were not ready to share the story until now. sycophant how did you come up with the title no better time? >> the title is because the field of the time runs throughout the entire book to the little such a short life and in such a short period of time and he was kind of obsessed with creating things and the technology that he created sped up the internet and was about
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why wait. if you have an incredible idea even when people say that it could never succeed, we have a short time and so you go for it and that is what it was about. the theme of time and how it kind of ran through. >> what would you like to have people take away from the book? >> what i would most like people to take away from the book is that we can create or that we all have within us the ability to create something that is larger than itself that outlives us and outlasts us and changes the world and you don't have to be a computer scientist or an mit mathematician. but if you have the drive and believe in something and you don't let them convince you otherwise, then we'll have to give devotee to download and that is the duty of the story that i hope you take away the book. >> thank you for your time.
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>> thank you. islamic many publications are putting out their list of notable books. the titles were included in amazon books of the year. ..


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